Our Society mission is to preserve our Heritage; to assists families in their research for past information and to help locate living family ties; to come together and share in our Heritage with others.

Photos courtesy of John Graham, Birmingham, England,
Middlemore Home, St Luke's Rd, 2001

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36th annual reunion notice

Saturday August 20th.2016

9:30am-2:30pm, StJohn's Church Hall at 75 Main Street, Fredericton

message from our President, Mary-Ellen Badeau

Hi folks, our apologies that the organizing committee is running behind in getting the information on the BHCD reunion out.  To hopefully speed things up we divided up the list of past attendees to reach as many as possible about the reunion and below you will find the particulars of the day.

The 36th consecutive British Home Children and Descendants Reunion, sponsored by Middlemore Atlantic Society, will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at the Saint John's Anglican Church Hall, 75 Main Street, Fredericton, NB from 9:30 to 2:30.  Cost will be $10.00 at the door to cover lunch.

Please R.S.V.P. to the 2016 BHCD Reunion Chair, Wendy Staples wendylstaples@hotmail.ca , by this coming Friday the 12th of August as to whether you will be attending or not.  If you are attending, could you also let her know how many will be attending with you so we can get a rough idea of numbers when ordering lunch.   As well, if you have specific allergies please advise.  If you know of others who would be interested in attending, please pass this information on as well.

Please feel free to contact me or Wendy if you have any questions.Mary-Ellen

Jocelyn Curtis will be setting up a display for photo restoration and as well a special rate to BHC descendants to sketch your BHC from digitized photos. Below is her offer for those interested in this service.

Portrait Artist and Restoration Artist

I will be giving quotes on work done for Home Children and Decedents at a discounted price to my normal pricing.

Bring original photos of your Home Child and I will be able to give accurate quotes on the cost for having work done. Original photos are a most and if you have multiple photos of the same person, please bring those as well (so to help see detail of their unique facial characteristics).

I will not require your photos to complete the work for you as I will be able to digitalize them onsite as part of the work for you.

If you wish to have your photos digitized only, I can do this for you at the time of the reunion in limited numbers only. If you have more than 5 photos you would like to have done, I may need to keep the originals to complete the work after the reunion. Pricing for this is $2 per photo and 3 photos for $5.

Digitizing an original photo – This consists of photographing the original photo with a digital camera and loading it to computer. Digitizing only means to only take this step and then I would either email the digital photo to your email address or I can load the photo to you a jump drive or other portable hard drive provided by you.
Digitize and restore an original photo – This consists of step one as described above and then repairing aged and/or distortions in the photo. This step would need to be done after the reunion. The pricing for this work depends on how much work will need/want to be done. I charge only $15 per hour of work. Work done of Home Children will receive a 20% discount. Please keep in mind, I am not a miracle worker, there are limits to what I can do. After completing these repairs, I can then email the digital work to you or mail it on a jump drive (as supplied by you)

Traditional portrait work is done with graphite and/or charcoal pencils. This work will be completed after the reunion. To complete this work, I will need to digitize your original photo (as described above; the fee for which will be included into the quote for the work to be done). As many old and/or damaged photos tend to be lacking in detail, please bring multiple photos of the same Home Child (even from different ages) so that I can better see their unique facial characteristics. The pricing for this work depends on how much work and what size you want done. I charge only $15 per hour of work. Work done of Home Children will receive a 20% discount.
Once I give a quote, I never charge more than that. Also, keep in mind that if you wish to have a traditional portrait done, this will need to be mailed to you after. Price to mail the package will need to be a factor in pricing. I will have samples of my work on hand and be available for questions during the reunion. 


Videos and photos are on the Reunion Details page.

Just a quick note...we had a very successful and enjoyable reunion. I will be posting photos of the days events as soon as possible but in the meantime please check out our facebook page. I hope to also post video of our speakers for you.


Sorry, but the book"Middlemore Atlantic Society" by Marion Crawford published in 2011, is now sold out.

The 35th consecutive BHC reunion, sponsored by the Middlemore Atlantic Society, will be held Saturday Sept. 19th, at the St John's Anglican Church Hall, 75 Main St., Fredericton,NB. Doors open at 9am and we wrap up at 5pm. Guest speaker will be Harold Wright, historian with special interests in the Service men and women during War years.

It is also a great pleasure to announce that Shirley Hodgson from Bristol,England will be speaking to us at the reunion on the stories of the Bristol Sending Agency and the children.

Time will be set aside for our families to speak on their Home Child which has been a custom since the reunions began. Bring along any photos or items of your Home Child to share with the other families.

This is our last scheduled gathering so please try to attend and share your stories  on your BHC.  Please register with Marion Crawford at marionbhcd@gmail.com or with Connie Jeffrey at hjeffrey@outlook.com



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